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ITR Economic Report - February 2017

Feb 23, 2017

ITR Forecasts Accelerating Growth - Positive News for 2017

The latest ITR economic report is out, and people in our industry will be pleased at the positive story that the numbers tell.

Accelerating growth, consumer financial strength, and high savings rates all bode well for 2017. What can you do to capitalize on these positive indicators? The ITR report will review options available to you regarding hiring, adding capital equipment pricing, training and retraining to make the most of this and upcoming phases of the business cycle.

Read the complete report below to get your members-only counsel on what to expect of the economy as we move through 2017.

The Institute for Trend Research (ITR) quarterly reports focus on major areas of economic growth and decline in key market segments for the Precision Machined Products Industry. They are provided to PMPA members as part of the association’s overall business intelligence program and are used as a management tool to help PMPA members plan for what lies ahead and which markets they should focus on in a complex manufacturing environment. 

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